I’ve Moved

Well I finally moved on over to http://jamisonkissh.com so please I encourage you to come visit me there.

The Move

Well I placed my order for jamisonkissh.com today over at Media Temple so you can look for me to be moving this blog and everything else of mine over to there. I will let you know when it’s up and functional.

I Think I’m Moving!

I’m looking into using MediaTemple (MT) as a hosting service and moving to jamisonkissh.com anyone have any suggestions on using them, any horror stories? If not look for that move coming mid to late-August

My Job

This is the site that I now manage for a living, if need any luxry house plans this is the place to go.

Good Advice

Tonight some drunk guy at my friend’s graduation party told a group of us some pretty good advice other than not taking anything for granted. He said if you ever think you’ve had a bad day just think back, there has to be at least one moment in time where you smiled like taking a shit or something (it got worse than that) but the point is that you’ve never really had a “bad” day. Just a series of bad moments.

I just had to share that with the world, if you liked it I’m glad, if not I don’t really care :)

Class of ’09 Yearbook Cover

Class of ’09 Yearbook Cover, originally uploaded by jak119.

This or a very similar picture is what’s most likely going to appear on the cover of Thomaston’s 2009 yearbook. I should also mention that this picture is going to be centered and the cover/yearbook are going to be designed as to appear like a Rolling Stones Magazine. Any thoughts?

Foggy drive

Foggy drive, originally uploaded by algo.

A sample of what the Sony A300 can pull off, I’m pretty impressed. I can’t wait to play with one.


Well I’ve been looking into colleges recently considering my senior year is rapidly approching and I’m laging in the college search. I was originially looking in to recording arts but I’m not sure if that’s economically feasible (any help?) and then I considered following my dad’s footsteps and going to school for electrical engineering. I need some help… anyone have any suggestions on schools or anything else that’s related?

Sony A300

Well recently my dad learned the his old Micronta lenses fit onto Sony’s current DSLR models so he and I started looking into the Sony DSLRs starting with the A200 (or alpha 200) which was nice but we later learned didn’t have live view which he apparently wanted. At the same time we learned that the A300 does in fact have live view and the feature set was a little nicer than the 200.

The other day he randomly decided to order it which as many of you may know I love photography so I was absolutely thrilled! That’ll be in soon so I can’t wait to play with that.

I’m Staying Put

Well now that it’s summer I’ve finally got some free time (actually a lot of it) to get back to blogging. So in the next few days (maybe hours) I’ll get a bunch of new posts up. Stay tuned!


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